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VCA Work Day Group

Volcano, Big IslandWhat is the VCA?

Our growing community of Volcano is known for the closeness and concerns of community members for one another ("neighbors helping neighbors"), and for our love of the precious native forest that surrounds us.

The Volcano Community Association tries to reflect and support these qualities, through organizing presentations and meetings on current events, responding to pressing community concerns with education, information and action, helping to connect Volcano residents with the many groups and resources already active here and generally working to reflect the interests and diversity of people who live in Volcano.

Connecting in Volcano

VCA supports new and existing Volcano community groups or projects by publicizing and linking to their work on this website, sponsoring meetings at Cooper Center, and extending outreach however we can.

See " Community Resources" for useful contacts in the Volcano area. Our April 2008 Volcano Community Resources Guidebook gives contact info and summaries of more than 70 groups and activities in our immediate area.

VCA Meetings

Anyone is welcome to attend VCA meetings, and may raise issues or announce activities that the Volcano Community should know about. These can also be posted on this web site by contacting the VCA Webmaster:

Meetings will be held every third Monday of the month, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (or longer, as needed). Changes will be posted on this site under " Events". VCA Meetings are held at Cooper Center on Wright Road (just up from the Old Volcano Highway) and usually in the bookstore.